MS B Page 8r


page: DCMS59.8r

[note]MS D revisions: The cross on the page indicates the insertion of material drafted on 7v opposite and over to 8v. This material was incorporated into MS D. [note]Page with change of hand: On 8r William's copying ends and Mary takes over again. There is no prior manuscript material surviving. The hand-over is slightly odd, in that a block of significant material describing Grasmere ends in the middle of the page but William continues on for one more line before Mary takes over. Logically, one would expect her to begin copying at the line "Long is it since we met, to part no more" which represents a shift of focus within the text. One possible explanation would be that the line "Long is it since we met, to part no more" was a new line linking the previous entry to the next block and so was entered by William before he handed the copy over to Mary.