MS D Page 19r


page: DCMS76.19r

[note]PASTED-ON SHEET. Pop up The largest of the three pasted-on sheets (see also 21v, 26r). This sheet might have been added at the same time as the leaf at p.25 was sewn in since both sheets are of the same paper as the base text. The content of the sheet is the introduction of the only surviving Grasmere tale (the Dame with her grove of trees) (MS D, lines 384-402). See also analysis in MS D Interactive. [note]2 x underlined word "yon" (on base page and repeated on pasted-on sheet) Insert mark ^ for added word "little". Insert mark ^ for added word "learned" Overwritten "Said" for "Shed" Overwritten "did" for "do". Overwritten "bear" for "draw" The four round red marks on the page are caused by the wax blobs placed at the four corners of the pasted-on sheet to attach it. PASTED OVER SHEET [underlined word "yon"] Overwritten "first" for "birst" The round stain on the pasted-in sheet top left has come through from the wax blob below.