MS D Page 21v


page: DCMS76.21v

[note]NOTE: MW line count misreads previous "480" as "450" and so gives a line count of "460" (actually she is now 11 lines out). PASTED-ON SHEET Pop Up: The pasted on sheet is on a strip of cream coloured paper, "unmarked, gilt-edged, white wove paper" (Darlington 411]). The back of the sheet with two scraps of writing on it, looking like an address, as well as the folds, clearly show that it was from a letter or originally intended to be such. The content of the slip is a re-working of the image of the Traveller emerging from the fog (MS D, lines 474-483). See also analysis in MS D Interactive.[note]Pencil additions in WW hand. 3 underlinings "they" underlined on base page + 2 x "see" on pasted-on sheet Overwritten word "way" for "we". Overwritten word "progress" for "prospect" Round stains on the page are left by the wax blobs used to attach the pasted-on sheet. PASTED OVER PAGE Insert marks ^^ lines 482, 483. Darlington notes: "The caret signals that l. 481/482 was to follow this line. As this backtracking was confusing, MW deleted the carat and rewrote the line as l.483" (441). [underlined word "see" ] [underlined word "see" (rewriting of previous line)] Overwritten word "spiky" for "spiny". The faint round stain in the middle of the sheet has come through from the wax on the other side.