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Kind of Repetition

Rhetorical Name and Meaning

Example found in Home at Grasmere

The same clause repeated but with one word changed


"here to live . . . here to die"

The last word of one clause/sentence repeated at the start of the next


(Gk. "Doubling")

"I forgot / My haste – for hasty had my footsteps been"

The same word or words repeated at the end of each clause/ sentence


(Gk. "Upon turning")

"But I am safe . . . one at least is safe"

The same words repeated in reverse or re-arranged grammatical order


(Gk. "Opposite change/ variety")

"from field to rock, from rock to field"

The same word or words repeated at the start of each clause /sentence


(Gk. "Carrying up or back" )

"So cold / So cowardly, so ready to betray"

The same word repeated a number of times (incrementally) within a clause/sentence

Ploce/ Incremental Repetition

(Gk. "Plaited; Woven")

"Oh bold indeed / They have been! Bold and bounteous unto me"

Negative repetition

Negative Repetition

"Not wanting trust . . . nor . . . nor"

Repetition of the same word in a different grammatical form (but with the same root)


(Gk. Poly: "many"; ptosis: "falling" )

"let the breathing frame / No longer breathe"

Well-known everyday phrase involving repetition

Well Known Phrases

"round and round"; "day by day"

A word or phrase repeated at the beginning and middle or middle and end of a clause/ sentence.


(Gk. "a repeating of words")

"Made for itself and happy in itself"

Immediate repetition with no words intervening (a more extreme form of ploce)


(Gk. "fastening together")

"Faint, faint at first"

Doubled repetition (one repetition contained within another)

Doubled Repetition

"a home within a home . . . Our love within a love"

A line or stanza of poetry which begins and end with the same word or words.


"Bleak season was it, turbulent and bleak"

Chain repetition (interlinked repetitions)

Chain Repetition

"They strangers, and we strangers; they a pair / And we a solitary pair like them"