MS B Spatial Map

Phases of Transcription and Entry into Notebook (After Darlington)

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Phase 1 and 2

Phases 1 and 2 connect work on missing MS material to MSS A and B. Darlington states that: "During July, he must have taken up the manuscripts containing the passages composed in 1800. . . . he achieved the plan and substance of what was to become the first 457 lines of MS B; these lines he probably copied into MS A, only one leaf of which survives" (16).

Darlington puts forward the possibility that Wordsworth revised materials and made the MS A copy prior to working on MS B so that "the resulting messy state of the manuscript prompted the new copy, MS B, which Mary began" (16-17). Mary then copied the first 457 lines of the poem into MS B and added 11 new lines to make a line count of 468.

Phase 3

In the third transcription phase, material already drafted (probably also in 1806 but possibly earlier) in MS R for lines 469-874 was then physically added to the notebook on inserted pages already copied out in Wordsworth's hand with additional lines (describing the "Happy Band") not present in MS R coming "from a different manuscript, now lost" (18).

Phase 4

The third section of the text from lines 875-958 Darlington suggests was "probably composed after Wordsworth had learned of Coleridge's return to England" (18) again in 1806. There is no surviving draft for this section of the poem.

Phase 5

Finally, the fourth part of the MS B version is given in the Prospectus lines, copied in from earlier versions in DC MS 45 and 24.