Mary Wordsworth and Later MS D Revisions in MS B

As we have seen, MS B is a manuscript which holds within it a number of different returns to the material over time. This also means that for the writer and his amanuenses the status of the manuscript changes. In 1806 when the text is first written up it stands as an important body of material, the first book of The Recluse in a continuous form. However, as Wordsworth works on The Excursion the manuscript is seen less as a single discrete unit and more as a resource to be drawn upon. When he later returns to it, some time between 1812-1814 for The Excursion and takes out two of the Grasmere tales the manuscript is re-defined (or returned to its previous status as a number of different blocks of work, later pulled together).

This re-defining of MS B leads to the attempt to create the poem in a second continuous version, originally in 1812-14, completed in 1831-32. Mary Wordsworth appears to have primary responsibility for the preparation of MS D. As a result there are also numerous points within the earlier MS B manuscript where Mary Wordsworth returns to the text in an attempt to prepare it for the MS D version.

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