Spatial Map: MS JJ in DCMS19

DC MS 19: Order of Entry for Whole Notebook

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1. Hamburg (Sept.-Oct. 1798) Dorothy and William

19 page account (4r-13r) of WW's conversation with Klopstock (see Prose 1, 91-95): probably entered around 26th September, 1798.

11 page account (13v-18v) by Dorothy of the journey from Hamburg to Goslar: entered after October 6th, 1798.

2. Goslar (Oct. 1798-Feb. 1799) Dorothy

10 pages of notes on German grammar (DW)

4 pages of notes on German grammar (DW)

3. Goslar (Oct. 1798-Feb 1799) William/ Dorothy

7 page fragment of a moral essay (see Prose 1, 103-104) inverted and entered from the back reading inwards, in DW hand.

Prelude Draft lines: (Late November/ Early December, prob. by Dec. 28th, 1798). WW hand except for "soul of man" on Rr.

4. Grasmere (1802)

Dorothy's Grasmere Journal (14th February-2nd May 1802). DW hand.