Turning the Page Sideways: Wordsworth's Spatial Entry

Wordsworth's spatial handling of the notebook is quite characteristic (compare MS R of Home at Grasmere) but it raises a number of interesting questions for the reader to consider.

1. What is the significance of entering the text in the back, rather than the front of the notebook?

2. Why is the text entered in a pattern of roughly 3-side forward looping? (Wordsworth works in small units of entry, re-starting ahead of himself and working back to where the previous entry finished). See Spatial Map: Order of Entry to help clarify this.

3. Why is some of the draft entered horizontally and some vertically? For example, see the pages below. On Wv drafting of the trap-robbing episode is horizontal but when it continues onto the opposite page (Xr) it is entered vertically. Why might this happen?