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Manuscript Collection

The manuscript catalogue includes all the major collections relating to Wordsworth, his contemporaries and family. The writings of Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth, Coleridge and others are included here, but are available for a more detailed search in the 'verse and prose' section. There is also a detailed subject search option for a selected number of letters by women authors. Illustrations from autograph collections are included in the Fine art search.

Verse and prose manuscripts

The collection of verse and prose manuscripts comprises the poetry and prose of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, as well as other writers such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Thomas De Quincey. (We are grateful to the editors of The Cornell Wordsworth Series for allowing us to use their work as the source for these records). The poetry and prose is found in notebooks, letters and manuscripts prepared for printing.

Letters, published and unpublished

Letters by members of the Wordsworth family, their friends and circle. This is a growing resource, initially made possible by generous funding from the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation. It includes many hundreds of letters, a significant number of which are unpublished (including 100 by William's wife Mary), written by women of the Wordsworth and Coleridge families and their correspondents.

Printed books and pamphlets

The collection of books comprises lifetime editions of Wordsworth and the major Romantic and c19th authors; editions owned and annotated by Wordsworth, Coleridge and others, c19th and c20th textual and critical editions, plus a major collection of Lake District guides, directories and historical works. Illustrations are included in the Fine art file. In 2004, the Trust acquired the major collection of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century literary and political works from Sir Geoffrey Bindman.

Fine art: paintings, drawings and prints

Paintings, drawings and prints including portraits of Wordsworth, his family and contemporaries; landscape representations from c18th to the present day; illustrations of literature; illustrations from autograph collections.