The Wordsworth Trust Collections Search

New acquisitions are available to search as soon as they are catalogued. Please select one of the following options:

Simple search

This allows users to search across the whole collection. Just type a lowercase term into the main search box and click ‘Search’.

There is also an option to search for a person, using the [lastname, firstname] format, or a time period. This general search is useful if using specific words regardless of where they might be recorded in the database. This general person search will give results for a name that is included anywhere in a record (author, artist, publisher, content written of…, etc)

Click ‘ Show results’ to view items, which will appear in the order of their object numbers. Click on ‘Search within results’ if you want to further refine your search.

Advanced search

The advanced search options enable users to enter search terms in specific categories (see left hand column)

People and places

Select the name of a person or place from the drop down menu - this will take you to information about that subject, with links to relevent items in the collection.