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Item details: Identity number equal to GRMDC.A35

Delmar Harmood Banner (1896-1983)
Sketch for The Solitary Wanderer and the Poet
painting (oil painting)

This painting shows three male figures, the poet on the right, and seated on a rock in the near ground with hills in the background. Banner was born in Germany and married to the Brazilian artist Josefina de Vasconcellos. They settled in the Lake District where Banner painted the dramatic landscapes of the fells. A photograph of the original painting is stored with this sketch.

ink (reverse of painting, written on advertising label): 1st sketch for large painting / at Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel / of "The Solitary The Wanderer / & the Poet" / DHB

, Bradford Museums and Art Galleries
Discovery of the Lake District, Hankyu, 1991
Reference GRMDC.A35