How to Use This Site: A Brief Guide

1. Choose Your Route

You can choose to access the whole site, or to have different elements filtered out according to your needs. If you nominate yourself as a "Specialist"; "Non-Specialist" or "Educational" user then the appropriate filter will be employed for you so that only the most relevant pages are shown. You can, of course, always return to the Home Page and choose to access the whole site if you change your mind.

2. Manuscripts; Texts; Films

Texts and Films are largely of secondary importance on the site. The exception to this is MS B as a searchable Reading Text allowing thematic searches. See below.

3. Working with a Manuscript

If you click on an individual manuscript you should first see a series of small "thumbnail" images on the screen. These are photographic representations of the entire manuscript.

You can move the cursor up and down either the page or the photograph and the corresponding line on either the photograph or the page will be highlighted. Because of the limitations of the pilot (in terms of time and money) only the text of MS A has been entered in a fully searchable line-by-line way. However, it is to be hoped that this will be undertaken for all the other MSS in due course.

4. MS B as Searchable Text

The site also contains a fully searchable Reading Text of MS B for which a wide range of search themes have been entered. This allows the user to search for a number of key ideas and images in the text as well as a limited number of poetic effects. Again, it has the potential for future enlargement.