William Wordsworth: Electronic Manuscripts (Pilot)

Funding for this collaborative pilot project between Lancaster University and The Wordsworth Trust was provided by an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) grant under the Landscape and Environment Scheme. The project began in April, 2007 and was completed by January, 2008.

The work could not have been undertaken without the kind permission of Cornell University Press who generously allowed us to draw upon the necessary Cornell volumes. We have relied on such volumes for reading text materials, background information and manuscript transcriptions. We are equally grateful to the Trustees of The Wordsworth Trust, Dove Cottage, Grasmere for allowing free use of all materials and free access to the website and to Stephen Gill for his support of the project and willingness to be interviewed on the film.

The work of prior scholars has allowed this site to be created. Our major debt is to the editors of the respective Cornell editions of Home at Grasmere and The Prelude of 1798-99, Beth Darlington and Stephen Parrish. The site relies heavily upon their thorough and illuminating scholarship. However, we have also drawn upon the excellent work of Mark Reed, John Finch, Jonathan Wordsworth and James Butler. Finally, James Butler has been an informal advisor throughout: as always, a guiding presence.