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Item details: Person - artist beginning Girtin AND Object class beginning fine art

Thomas Girtin (1775-1802)
Borrowdale, c.1801
pencil and wash on paper
drawing (pencil and watercolour)
310 x 471 mm

ink (written label) (backing board top right): 4/488060 / 2 18
ink (written label) (backing board top right): c18 Nov 1985
pencil (written) (bottom centre left): 83
pencil (written) (top centre): old
chalk (written) (backing board): numbers and letters

Purchase 1986, with the support of the V&A Purchase Grant Fund, the Art Fund and the National Heritage Memorial Fund

Discovery of the Lake District, Hankyu Department Centre, 1991
Images of the Lake District, 1750 to the present day, The Wordsworth Museum, 1998-9
Savage Grandeur and Noblest Thoughts, The Wordsworth Museum, 2010-1, Cat. number: 47
On the Spot, Victoria Gallery and Museum, 2013-4
Reference GRMDC.B387