Movements of William and Dorothy Wordsworth in 1800

This document should be compared with that entitled "From Goslar to Grasmere: 1798-1799" which maps the movements of William and Dorothy in the preceding year and a half. It is fascinating to compare the two since they reveal such very different patterns of movement and thus of life for the poet, his sister and his friends and family.


Trips Away from Grasmere

People staying at Dove Cottage Overnight or Longer

Poems Composed

January-Dec. 1800

Poss. Jan. "There is an Eminence".

End of January-Sept. 29th

Stay of John Wordsworth

(9 months).

Late February- April 4th or 5th

Stay of Mary Hutchinson

(over a month).

Early this year (poss. March/April) WW composes parts of Home at Grasmere: poss. lines corresponding to MS B 98; 104-113; 107-8; 129-136; 162-170; 257-259; 277-281; 218-226; 322-323; 326-329; 860-874 (Darlington).

Around April 5th or 6th

Prob. visit of John Stoddart and James Moncrieff.

Poss. April 1800.

"When to the Attractions of the Busy World" written about John.

Poss. April 1800 (between April and Oct 13th)

"It was an April Morning".

April 4th or 5th

MH departs, WW prob. goes with her to Penrith.

By April 5th WW finishes "The Brothers"; composes "Hart-Leap Well".

April 6th- May 4th

STC arrives for a month-long visit.

April 8thor 9th- April 11th

Richard Cooke visits.

May 4th

STC leaves for Bristol

and Nether Stowey.

May 14th-June 7th/8th

WW and JW leave Grasmere to visit the Hutchinsons farm at Gallow Hill (approx. 3 weeks stay).

Also visit Gordale, Yordas, poss. Whitby.

14th May DW begins her Grasmere Journal.

June 7th

William returns to Grasmere.

(John stays night at Greta Bridge).

June 8th

John returns to Grasmere.

June 29th

STC with wife Sara and son, Hartley visit for 3 weeks

STC falls ill.

WW starts work on the "Preface" to Lyrical Ballads (prob. at Coleridge's prompting).

Letters to publishers about revisions to LB from WW and STC.

July 23rd

WW prob. accompanies STC to Keswick, returning next day.

STC leaves.

July 24th

DW accompanies SC and HC to Wythburn (on way to Keswick).

Sara Coleridge and Hartley leave.

July 29th

By July 29th WW composes "The Two Thieves"; "The Idle Shepherd Boys".

July 31st – 2nd August

STC visits.

August 2nd-6th August

WW walks back with STC to Keswick. Stays with him.

JW joins them 4th-6th.

By Aug. 4th WW composes "Written with a Slate Pencil . . . Rydal"; "The Oak and the Broom"; "The Waterfall and the Eglantine".

August 8th –August 17th

WW, DW and poss. JW walk to Keswick. They stay with STC working on LB 2nd ed.

WW composes "The Seven Sisters".

August 13th

By Aug. 13th WW composes "For the Spot Where the Hermitage Stood. . ."; "Song for the Wandering Jew"; "Written with a Pencil . . . on the Island of Grasmere".

August 17th

Return to Dove Cottage.

By 23rd August WW composes "To Joanna".

Prob. August 30th or 31st WW composes "When to the Attractions of the Busy World".

August 31st-September 3rd

STC visits

Reads "Christabel".

Sept. 3rd

STC leaves.

Sept. 6th-8th

Catherine and Thomas Clarkson visit.

Sept. 7th

Sept. 8th

The Clarksons leave.

Sept. 9th-10th

John Marshall visits.

Sept. 10th

WW, JW and Marshall go to Keswick on horseback.

John Marshall leaves.

Sept. 11th

WW unwell, returns.

Sept. 13th

JW returns.

Work on "Preface".

Sept. 15th

By Sept. 15th WW composes "The Childless Father"; "The Pet Lamb".

Sept. 19th-26th

Robert Jones visits for a week.

Sept. 23rd-26th

STC visits.

Sept. 26th

Robert Jones and STC

leave for Keswick.

Between 26th Sept and 6 Nov WW composes "A Narrow Girdle of Rough Stones".

LB "Preface" sent to the printer.

Sept. 29th

John Wordsworth leaves for his ship.

Oct. 4th-
Oct. 7th

STC visits.

Reads second part of "Christabel".

Oct. 6th

[Decide not to print "Christabel" in LB].

Oct. 7th

STC leaves.

Oct. 10th

By Oct. 10th Ww composes "Rural Architecture".

Oct. 15th-17th

William goes to Keswick.

Oct. 17th

William returns.

Oct. 18th

Work on "Michael" (unsuccessful).

Oct. 20th

Work on "Michael".

Oct. 21st

Work on "Michael" (unsuccessful).

Oct. 22nd

STC visits overnight.

John Stoddart visits overnight.

Work on "Michael" (unsuccessful).

STC reads "Christabel".

Oct. 23rd

STC and Stoddart leave for Keswick.

Unsuccessful composition.

Oct. 24th

Unsuccessful composition.

Oct. 25th

Unsuccessful composition.

Oct. 29th -Nov 4th

Thomas Clarkson stays overnight.

Stoddart arrives.

WW works at "Michael" all morning.

Nov. 4th

Thomas Clarkson leaves.

Nov. 9th

WW burns an MS of "Michael".

Nov. 11th

WW works on "Michael".

Nov. 15th-Nov 22nd

WW leaves Grasmere for Keswick.

Nov. 16th- 22nd

DW walks to Keswick.

Nov. 22nd

WW, DW and Sara Hutchinson return to Grasmere.

Sara Hutchinson visits until either 2nd, 10th or 14th Jan.

(6 week visit).

Nov. 28th- Dec. 2nd

STC visits.

Dec. 2nd

STC leaves for Keswick.

Dec. 4th--6th

STC arrives.

Dec. 5th

WW and STC depart for Keswick. Bad weather turns them back.

Dec. 6th

STC departs for Keswick.

Dec. 9th -14th

WW, DW and SH walk to Keswick. Stay with STC.

WW finishes "Michael".

Prob. Dec. 10th-14th

STC copies out lines 1-206 of "Michael" for LB.

Dec. 14th

WW, DW and prob. SH return to Grasmere.

Dec. 18th- poss. Jan 2nd; prob. Jan 14th

STC and Derwent Coleridge visit.

STC ill Dec 21st-Jan 2nd

(Two weeks to a month).