Places Visited and Letters Written: 1798-1800

The two tables given below summarise the movements of William and Dorothy Wordsworth from the time that they leave Alfoxden in Somerset (June, 1798) to the end of their first year lived in Grasmere (December, 1800). They are intended to provide a rapid overview of locations and places visited in the period, as well as a comparison between the period immediately before, and after, settling in Grasmere.

The tables are linked to selected letters. Letters have been selected insofar as they relate to place and a sense of location, of needing a home or of having found one. They are drawn from The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth: The Early Years and from Coleridge's Collected Letters Vol 1. To read a letter, or extract from a letter, associated with a location click on the link in the third column. An asterisk (*) indicates that the whole letter is given on the site and also reproduced photographically.

The information summarised here is also given in more detail in:

WW and DW: Places Visited between June 1798 and December 1799

To read a letter, or extract from a letter, associated with a location click on the link in the third column. An asterisk (*) indicates that the whole letter is given on the site.




Leave Alfoxden

June 25th

1. DW to Mrs William Rawlinson

Nether Stowey

June 25th- July 2nd


July 2nd-9th

2. DW to Mrs William Rawlinson


July 10th-13th


July 2nd-9th


July 14th-


August 4th-10th (or 25th)

3. WW to Henry Gardiner


By August 25th


August 27th-Sept. 14th

To Yarmouth

Sept. 14th

Arrive Yarmouth

September 15th

On ship to Germany

September 16th-18th

Arrive at mouth of Elbe

September 18th


September 19th-October 3rd

4. DW to Unknown Recipient

5. STC to Mrs S. T. Coleridge

6. WW to Henry Gardiner

To Goslar

October 3rd- October 6th


October 6th-February 23rd, 1799

7. STC to Thomas Poole

8. STC to WW

9. *WW and DW to STC



Letter/ Extract


Oct. 3rd 1798- 23rd Feb 1799

10. DW to CW (her brother)

11. WW to Josiah Wedgwood

Clausthal (Hartz Forest)

Feb 23rd

12a. DW (and WW) to STC


Feb. 24th

12b. DW (and WW) to STC


Feb 25th

12c. DW (and WW) to STC


Feb 27th- 28th

Travelling around Saxony

Feb 28th – April 20th/21st


April 20th/21st

13. STC to Mrs S. T. Coleridge

14. STC to Thomas Poole

Travelling to Hamburg

April 20th/21st-25th


April 25th

To Yarmouth

Late April

To Sockburn in Yorkshire

Late April-Dec 17th, 1799 [DW largely stays in Sockburn]

15. WW to Joseph Cottle

16. DW to Thomas Poole

17. WW to Joseph Cottle

18. STC to WW

WW Travels around Lakes

Oct. 27th-21st November

To Barnard Castle

Oct. 28th

To Greta Bridge

Oct. 29th-30th

To Bampton

Oct. 31st

To Kentmere

Nov 1st

To Hawkshead

Nov. 2nd

To Grasmere

Nov. 3rd-7th

To Keswick

Nov. 8th-9th

19. *WW to DW

To Ouse Bridge

Nov. 10th

To Buttermere

Nov. 11th

To Ennerdale Water or Wastdale Head

Nov. 12th

To Wastdale

Nov. 13th

To Borrowdale

Nov. 14th

To Threlkeld

Nov. 15th

To Patterdale

Nov. 16th

To Pooley Bridge

Nov. 17th

?WW's movements not known

Nov. 18th-25th [DW briefly leaves Sockburn 25th-26th]

WW Back to Sockburn

Nov. 26th

To Grasmere: Askrigg

Dec. 17th


Dec. 18th


Dec. 19th


Dec. 20th

20. *WW and DW to STC

WW and DW: Places Visited Between January and December, 1800

Base Location

Place Visited


Letters/ Extracts


All trips return to Grasmere

21. STC to Thomas Poole

Gallow Hill, Hutchinson's Farm (East Riding, Yorkshire)

William and John only

May 14th- June 7th

Or 8th

22. DW to Mrs John Marshall


(William and STC: STC moves to Keswick this day)

July 23rd -24th

23. STC to Thomas Poole

24. STC to James Webbe Tobin


(William and STC)

August 2nd-6th


William, Dorothy and John poss.

August 8th-17th

Keswick (William, John and John Marshall)

Sept. 10th-11th

25. DW to Mrs John Marshall

*25b. DW to Mrs John Marshall

Keswick (William only)

Oct. 15th-17th


(William and later Dorothy)

Nov.15th-22nd (WW) Nov. 16th-22nd (DW)